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"Smart, funny, tender..."​

"Moving and inspiring..."


A new modern Western novel joins the American literary scene.

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"Richard McPherson's writing captivates readers with vivid scenes and atmospheric details, but what truly sets his writing apart are his characters. Penned with a unique combination of precision and grace, we feel we know these people intimately. There is a sense of intrigue to their interiority that complements actions and creates a special momentum."

Jen Knox, author of The Glass City (winner, Press Americana Prize) and Dandelion Ghosts

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Richard C. McPherson

"Besides love, words are all we have. Sometimes just one - a simple 'yes' or 'no' - can change a life. But sometimes even thousands are not enough, leaving us hungry for more..."

Short fiction

"The story is so rich with credible characters and an unforgettable plot that the reader may gasp at the irony."

Sandra Fluck, bookscover2cover

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