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Man Wanted in Cheyenne

Reviewers are calling Dick's new book...


"Moving and inspiring..."

"Satisfyingly original..."

"Smart, funny, tender..."

Based on the award-winning short story by the same name, this new novel is set in the modern West, where cherished American myths collide with unforgiving change. Jake's idyllic life is in fact a fragile refuge from pain and guilt. When a Hollywood movie crew descends on the vast Nevada ranch he manages, his serenity is upended. But the tumult also triggers an unlikely friendship with Robert Lange, one of Hollywood's biggest stars. As their mutual respect grows, Jake realizes Lange may hold the key to an all-but-forgotten dream. But how much is he willing to risk? 

Man Wanted in Cheyenne is now available in paperback and Kindle, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and


To schedule interviews or book club Zoom drop-ins, contact the author. For film rights, contact the Jen Knox, Unleash Creatives.

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