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Richard C McPherson

"Words well-chosen can inspire, defy, reveal, enrich, and both create and conquer fear. For fiction writers, printed words have the special power to travel to places unknown, affecting people we will never meet but with whom we are connected in the human project." 

Dick McPherson's short stories have been called "beautifully honest," appearing in Black Fox Literary Magazine, Unleash Press, and The Write Launch.

Man Wanted in Cheyenne received an award in Living Springs Publishing's international short fiction contest, and appeared in their 2017 anthology, Stories Through the Ages. The rich backstory of Its iconic protagonist, Jake, is now the subject of a new novel, Man Wanted in Cheyenne, available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Unleash Creatives.

Dick has worked with the Gotham Writers Workshop in New York, the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, author Scott O'Connor, and the writing program at Stanford University. For development, coaching, and editing, he works with Jen Knox at Unleash Creatives.

Prior to his writing career, Dick advised leading nonprofits on messaging and digital strategy, including NPR and PBS stations, the New York Public Library, and women's rights organizations in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong. His 2007 book Digital Giving: How Technology is Changing Charity, was called a "must-read" in the US and UK, considered a seminal work on the rapidly approaching impact of the internet. He advised Stand for Rights, a pioneering live stream fundraiser for the ACLU, produced by Tina Fey and hosted by Tom Hanks, and which earned Facebook its first Emmy nomination.

He taught digital communications at NYU, Columbia, and UCLA, and led workshops across the US and in London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dick lives on the California Central Coast with his wife, Heidi. He loves to hear from readers and writers, and may be reached at

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